Australian casino safety information

Playing safely in Australian casinos

Security is one of the things you should pay attention to during your online casino visit, as it’s your own money that matters.

Losing money at the live casino or while playing live roulette isn’t fun, but when your account details are traced and your bankroll is plundered, it will make you feel even worse.

For this reason, it is necessary to gamble as responsibly as possible and only share personal information with an online casino that is reliable and secure.

Luckily, we have many years of experience in this field, so we know what things actually work and how to keep the safety of playing in an online casino as high as possible.

We will now discuss both the question “How to play safely in the online casino” in detail and show you the necessary steps to keep you safe online.

How to stay safe while gambling at online casinos in Australia

In order to prepare you extra for your next gaming adventure, we have collected some points that are important to ensure the safety of you as a player. Make sure you always keep these in mind when making your choice during your visit.

Additional security measures are essential in our view: Better to prevent than to cure!

Pay attention to the license of the online casino

Before you decide to register at an online casino, make sure you do the necessary research. You are responsible for doing the checks yourself.

Every licensed online casino in Australia must comply with a number of rules and standards in order not to be closed down. Make sure you always choose a licensed online casino, as these casinos ensure that the casino is and remains as safe as possible from hackers.

No curious eyes

All secure online casinos need to keep their customers’ data private, which is comparable to that of banks. This means that all relevant information such as passwords, home address and statistics should not be available to both the public and employees of the company.

Online casinos do have an anti-fraud department that can access this information, but this is only to ensure that the information is protected as effectively and efficiently as possible.

No employee should have access to your passwords in the same way that banks should not have access to your PIN.

Additional online security

In addition to a secure password, many online casinos also offer additional RSA security. These electronic devices generate a random code every time you log in, which is then entered in combination with your password.

As it is a new code each time, this makes it more difficult for hackers to access your account.

Using the right payment methods

The safety of online gambling is not limited to your choice of online casino. Even though a casino is so safe, always make sure you use a trusted payment method.

Choose a well-known brand such as iDeal, Credit Card, PayPal, Neteller, Skrill or any other confidential payment method. These all have the necessary licenses and years of experience, which ensures that your money will be safe.

Encrypted login details

This is probably the most obvious form of protection, but the login system must be secure.

Each registered player is required to protect their account with a password, which is then encrypted by a system and stored in a secure and inaccessible database.

The moment you log into your chosen online casino, you must have confidence in and feel safe at this casino. This is the feeling you get from knowing that you are logging into a reliable and secure site.

In the past there have been casinos that had a bad system for storing login details. At these casinos, passwords were not stored in encrypted form, which has allowed hackers to retrieve this data.

Fortunately, the online casino sector has developed considerably over the years and has learned from the mistakes of the past.

Identify yourself

A reliable online casino will always ask you to prove your identity when you make a financial transaction. The casino will then verify that you are actually the person who reports you.

It also deters people who want to commit fraud. Some online casinos even go so far as to ask for a copy of your ID before approving your first deposit or withdrawal.

A driver’s license, passport or identity card are all accepted by online casinos as a form of ID. There are also casinos that ask you to forward the most recent energy bill, so that they can check if the address matches the one you entered.

Anti-fraud team

The last and most important thing that a trusted online casino site can have is an anti-fraud department.

When real money is at stake, you can actually be sure that someone is willing to break the rules in order to get their hands on this money, regardless of the misery that it brings to the other parties involved.

Fortunately, most online casinos have a team of fraud experts who constantly monitor the players’ activities. If they find that something is wrong, such as a player trying to defraud other players or the casino, they intervene.

To increase security, they monitor all forms of internal communication, the playing styles of all players, and interactions between the players.

When the security team sees something unusual, the system will indicate all the rules that have been broken, after which the team will investigate the user, temporarily suspend the account and possibly confiscate money if it has been obtained with the help of illegal means.

How to play safely in an online casino

In addition to the above checks that you can perform, you must ensure that you know and understand everything about safe gambling. Just like correctly betting or protecting your bankroll, safe gambling is also an important issue.

-Make sure you have an anti-virus software installed: With an anti-virus software and a firewall you protect yourself against potential viruses and Trojans.
-Don’t just click on anything: An online casino, for example, would never send an email asking for your password. Make sure you check if an email comes from a secure source and don’t click on the links in spam mails.
-Keep your data safe: We can’t repeat this often enough. Always keep your password, playing activities and other data as safe and private as possible. Don’t give hackers or fraudsters the chance to steal your identity.
-Only play at trusted casinos: This is probably the most important advice we can give you. Play really only at recommended online casinos that are in the process of obtaining the necessary licenses.

Playing at trusted online casinos

It is very important to first check whether a casino meets all security requirements, but we have already done this work for you.

We only promote trusted online casinos that have a valid license and have passed all of our stringent security tests.